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Written By: Joe - Jun• 29•13

So here I am, Nine days away from beginning my Adventure, or C-11 days (that is, 11 days till I start working).
For those who don’t know (and if you don’t, where have you been the last six months?) I am going to run away to the Circus. Or more correctly, le Cirque. I enjoyed my time working as an usher at Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna that I decided to reprise the roll in Denver.
I had originally planed on leaving home on July 8th and taking my time, stopping at places and seeing people, but that did not workout. It turns out that the returning Cirquadors (Cirques name for us temp workers) need to be there on the 11th for orientation and I start working on the 12th to set up seats. This caused me to drop all my plans to travel and instead go directly there. Oh well.
The plan now is to leave Tacoma about noon on Monday the 8th and travel south. First stop is Sisters, OR where my sister lives. No, really, my sister, Julia, lives there with her family.
The next morning I will depart and head east over the Oregon desert. That night I will find someplace to sleep somewhere east of Ogden, Utah. The third day I will arrive at Denver and check into my extended stay hotel. Because I am staying so long, 47 days, I am only paying $23 per day. I ironically when I added the additional 7 days my price dropped from $35. I am now paying less in total for 47 days than I was for 40 days, by about 1/3rd. Because of that I may be able to break even instead of loosing money for this trip.
My hotel is about one mile away from the W-line light rail station, and the trains run until 3 AM, so I am also taking my bike.
That is all for now. I have to clean out my car and do some fixing to the interior (the center armrest decided to break last week) before I leave. I will keep you updated as things progress.

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