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First full day and Rehersal

Written By: Joe - Jul• 18•13

Yesterday was the first day of work on the show (not counting setup). I started it off by biking to the light rail station. About one mile long and not that bad of a ride. Only one slight “rise”. I got to the site, checked in and locked up my gear. We went through the standard greeting, tour and instructions. There have been a few changes to the show but that is to be expected.
Once the training was over I went over to the nearby service station to get some lunch (I left my lunch in the refrigerator). I got the assignment that I expected, Door 3, mast guard. The place that has to sweep up popcorn after the opening. but before the cell phone warning.
There was only 60% occupancy so it wasn’t too bad on the new folks, but today is the opening and is going to be full. It was really nice to see the show again and I am looking forward to the rest of the run.
After the show I was headed for the station. The trains run only every half hour and I missed the first one. So I waited at the station for about 20 min. When the train showed up it was very full of bikes. I ended up riding in the middle of the train with someone else on a bike.
When I got to my station I started ridding down the street. There were two other people riding down it also. Nether of them had light and were dressed in dark colors. sounds like a death sentence to me. Fortunately, the rode only had a few cars on it. I got to the room about 12:15, watched a bit of TV and went to bed. A good nights sleep and I am ready for opening night.

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