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Long day driving

Written By: Joe - Jul• 09•13

The day started out with me being woken earlier than expected by the sun shining in the windows. I got up around 7ish and, after breakfast, set out about 8. For the most part the drive was uneventful. Lots of long and flat two land high way. I had to stop twice to wait for a pilot vehicle at two different construction areas.
One little bit of excitement, When I was on a flat portion of road I decided to open it up and see what my car could do. At about 90 I glanced in the back mirror and noticed the bike (that I had forgotten was there) being pushed out to about a 45 deg angle. I decided to slow back down.
Eventually I got to the Idaho boarder and the I-80 freeway. Many hours later Idaho became Utah.I finally stopped at a best western in Ogdon/
All in All a long boarding drive..

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