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Preping for my frist day

Written By: Joe - Jul• 11•13

Today i woke up early. The neighbors were a bit noise as they got ready for the day. I finally decided to get up and do something. My first step was to get breakfast. I looked up Dennie on Maggie and started off. For some reason Maggie had me drive right past one. Maggie has been giving me some issues in Denver. I hope that Things will work themselves out.
After breakfast I went to the local Target and did some more shopping. As I was shopping I realized that this Target was connected to a shopping mall. It is a big mall, the walk around it 7/8th of a mile. I then headed for Costco then back to the room. After I unloaded I decided to see about how I was going to get to work.
I walked about a mile through a nice neighborhood and a park to get to the W line station. After a nice ride I made it past the Cirque site and went the rest of the way into Denver.
They have taken 19th street and make it a pedestrian zone except for the buses that run the distance of it for free. So I rode down to the far end and walked back. Along the way I got a ten pack of W-line tickets. I got off at another stop about the same distance from the hotel but not nearly as good a walk. and I have to cross a busy road. but that station is in a different zone so I will only be riding in 2 zones instead of three. I will have to check on the route at night to see how it looks.
When I got back I went out and did some more shopping and got some dinner. Now I am vegging in front of the TV
Tomorrow I go in early for my first day of work.

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