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The first week is done… Whew! Part 2

Written By: Joe - Jul• 23•13

Saturday I was back inside the big top. This time I was placed as Door 3 guard. It was my job to control the flow of people into the big top. For some reason door 3 has been the troublesome door. Every day it has been backed up and we have had to lock people out of the opening of the show. It was no different this time. I did my best to get everyone in an orderly fashion but between new ushers and the shear numbers of people it was tough. The rest of the day was fairly normal.
Sunday I was once again assigned as mast guard at door 4. At the morning briefing the two other people who were tried out as Outside ushers had got the job. In some ways I was disappointed but I was also relieved. That is a lot of responsibility and pressure.Once agian I was assigned mast guard. During the seating I got a load of popcorn dumped on my head by Calie (The lizard who climbs the mast). I looked up at him and he waved. I then looked at the audience and said “Sometimes, I hate that lizard.” It got a good laugh. I am thinking next time I may shake my fist at him.
At intermission the fiancee of the spotlight tech who works that mast came by and told me that he (the tech) really appreciated me being there and at lunch Danial told me the same. He also told the tech “You said the same thing about him in Seattle” apparently he did not realize I was the same guy.
That night was the opening weekend party. We had a section blocked off for us at a local bar called “The view house” apparently it was just recently opened. A part of the bar is on a roof top and has a nice view of the city, thus the name. They have a big area that is fake grass and a volley ball court on it. While I was there the tech came over and told me how appreciative he was of my work. Unfortunately I didn’t get to talk to him much, because one of the other ushers (who was on the prowl) kept pushing me out. The rest of the night was uneventful and I decided to go back to my room about 1:15AM.
there was a little problem though. It turned out that on week nights (and Sunday night is considered a week night) the W-line stops at 1:05. I got on my bike and started riding the trail that parallels the light rail. Denver is wonderful for bike paths and I had come prepared with lights. The ride took about an hour and a half. I did ride through a “rough part of town” yea right. I don’t think Denver has such a thing. I got to the place about 2:45 exhausted. That is a long bike ride. I claimed into bed and did not get out until 2 the next day.
I spent most of Monday lazing around. Ordered Pizza that night for dinner and called Cindy. I let her know how I was doing and we talked for about 1.5 hours. I then went to bed and the next day did laundry (That I am doing now.)
So that catches you up with what has happened so far. Back to the circus tonight and all this week. We have a double dark next week (no show Monday or Tuesday) and I am thinking of going to the mountains.

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