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Fun, Partys, and theft

Written By: Joe - Aug• 06•13

Yesterday was a fun day. I started the day by going to the Elitch Gardens Theme park. The first thing I did was go to a magic show. It was named “Cirque Conger”. What a coincidence. The show was cheesy but had some good jokes and the tricks were done well. Then I headed for the coasters.
They have some good coasters, including a big wooden one. There was only one coaster that was running and it was the wooden one. That kind of pissed me off. But after a couple of rides on the Twister 2 (the wooden coaster) I was feeling much better. They have some good coasters including several that go backwards. There was also a “suspended looping coaster”, the tracks are over your head and legs are dangling. The safety announcements included the line “keep your hands and legs inside the ride.” How are you supposed to do that?
After spending the day at the park I headed out to dinner and then back to site. The techs were hosting a party and I had been told they held great parties. I was not disappointed. The party had a beach theme so earlier I went out to Goodwill and bought a cheesy Hawaiian shirt. Earlier I had been able to see some of the Cirque site from the Roller Coaster and I had seen a couple of inflatable things like a bouncy house and a slide. They had done much more than that. They had brought in a dump truck load of sand, setup games, including a dunk tank. They had two bars, and a buffet with non alcoholic drinks.
After most people had left the party it was moved over to the 54. That is the name of the tech trailer. I hung out there until about 2:30 when I headed back to my car. That was when I had the bad part of the day happen.
Someone had broken into my car. There was little damage to the car. I think I left the doors unlocked. The only damage was the front of the center dash had been pulled out. I was able to push it right back in. They had also gone through my center console and grabbed the change and the GPS that was in there. The GPS is a pain. I will now have to find out how my cell phone GPS works. I waited about 40 min for the police to show up and then left. I was able to file a police report this morning online. I figure it was a kid grabbing what he could. It could have been much worse.

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