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And so Minneapolis begins

Written By: Joe - Sep• 19•13

On Tuesday I left home for a trek across two thirds of the country. The days were nice and uneventful. Just the way I like my drives. The first night I stopped at my sister, Annes, house. We met at a local (well, local is a relative term) steak house. After a good steak and eggs, we headed back to Ann and Matts place. They live in a fairly remote location. you have to know where to stand in order to get cell reception and the only internet they get is by dish. After a good nights sleep I got back in the car and headed east. Not much to report over the next two days. Lots of concrete roads and me sitting there. A big thanks to Anne for loaning me those comedy CDs. After I stopped for the night in Dickinson ND, I continued on to Minneapolis, arriving about 6PM local time (That’s 4PM for you folk in Seattle). After unloading the car I headed down the road to the site. It is just a few miles down the road. A stop for dinner and now I sit here typing. Tomorrow I will start work at 1PM.

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