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About time I posted agian.

Written By: Joe - Nov• 14•13

Sorry about the long delay but I am a procrastinator.

Guess what? Cirque is now in San Francisco and so am I! After spending a week at home and going to haunted houses with Cindy, I packed up my car and headed south… Well, North really.

I decided to make this trip via highway 101, and started off on highway 16. I went up and around the Olympic peninsula and down the coast of Washington. I left latter than I wanted to and stopped for the night at Ocean Shores.  After staying at one of the nice beach front hotels (in the off season it was cheaper than the hotel in Aberdeen) I took a quick walk to the beach and then headed out again.

Because of my late start I had to move quicker that I wanted to and spent the day driving to Brokings OR. I spent the night in a cheap motel and headed out the next morning. Continuing my drive down 101 I went through Tillamook OR and the Tillamook Cheese factory. I stopped for the self guided tour and bought a gift pack for my hostess. I also bought an Ice Cream cone and some cheese curd for myself. Then it was back in my car and once again south on 101.

As I approached the Bay Area, I hit the evening commute and spent a good amount of time in traffic. Finally I made it to my hosts home in a lovely neighborhood in Oakland, CA. OK, I fib. It is not the best of neighborhoods. It is on the wrong side of the tracks. Literally. It is next to the BART tracks. However it is only 6 blocks away from the BART station.

After unloading my car, I had a a good nights sleep in there guest room. It is a very nice home (not a fib this time). It is over 100 years old and used to be a restaurant, then a house of worship. It is very nice although the BART wakes me up at 4 AM when it starts running. Not a problem as I don’t have to be at work until later. I headed out two hours early to make it to site. I took the BART down town and attempted to find the lightrail that goes pass the big top. I finally decided to walk down The Embarcedero to site. It was a nice walk and I arrived there with plenty of time.

The site in on the water front across across Misson bay from AT&T park, home of the Giants, and is in the ball parks parking lot. As you might expect to cost money to park here, even for us employees but Cirque was able to convince them to give us a discount. After two days spent setting up the seats in the big top I had three days off until orientation day.

I spent the next three days wandering San Francisco. I had gotten a Clipper pass(The bay areas regional transit pass) and used it to get a Muni pass. The Muni pass is the monthly pass that lets me ride the San Francisco transit system including the cable cars. As you might expect I have ridden a couple of them and, yes, I stood on the side.

Because the sales had done so well orientation day had been moved to Tuesday. The training was almost the same as always. A few small changes but that was all. Then a bit of time off for some dinner and back to site for the Dress Rehearsal. Dress rehearsal went as smoothly as could be expected for the first time at show. We finished up and headed out. Unfortunately the BART stops at midnight so I had to go home.

Wednesday was my turn to shine (I hope). I was given the chance to become one of the two outside ushers. The position is responsible for all usher activity outside the big top. Opening the concessions area, making sure that the ticket takers are doing well. Checking on line length and crowd flow, opening some of the doors to the big top, assisting the special needs customers to the correct doors, and making the announcements that the show is about to begin. This position is also responsible for making sure that the Cirqador tent is keep in good condition. After a night of running around I was ready to go home and fall into bed. and that is what I did.

That catches me up to today, where I am sitting on my bed, in my pajamas, writing this blog. Soon I will get ready for work and head into town.

Here is a link to the pictures I have taken.

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