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And so starts Washington DC

Written By: Joe - Jul• 26•14

I flew out of Seattle on Wednesday night. That’s right I took a red-eye. It was $140 cheaper than the cheapest daytime flight. As you might expect I did not sleep, only dosed. The plane was equipped with personal screens for each seat. I had a choice of videos, music, games, and flight info. I turned on the softies channel and tried to sleep. About three hours later the sun was coming up. It was really beautiful. I asked the guy sitting at the window seat to take a picture for me.

I had a transfer in Detroit, where I managed to grab breakfast from the only open place, Wendy’s. Then on to my commuter flight to Dulles airport. Once I had landed, I had to take a bus to the subway, then the subway to downtown and walk about 6 block to get to the Hostel. Fortunately they let me put my bags in the room early. I then went out and found my way back to the subway so I could figure out how to get to work.

It’s a long trip. about 40 min on the green line subway and then another 3o min to get to National Harbor, MD. It is a very nice area and growing. There are several new hotels/condos going it and they are just starting to build a Casino. The location is very nice except to get to gate 1 (the employee entrance) you have to walk up the street on the grass. That is the one side of the block that does not have sidewalks.

I wandered the area for awhile. Lots of expensive restaurants and boutiques. Another hour and 10 min ride got me back to DC. I was able to actually move into my room.

After cleaning up I headed out and explored the area. I found the local Safeway and the local Walgreen. They are in Chinatown. Just outside Chinatown I found a very nice Irish Pub. Had some nice food and drink and cheated with a nice lady. I headed back to the Hostel and got to bed.

Friday was the first day of work. The Hostel provides an OK breakfast, Cereal, bagels, and juice. When I entered the room the man who was in charge of it asked me to say Good Morning in a language other than English. I got away with bonjour. I wanted to make sure I got there on time and so I left nice and early, and I got there nice and early. About an hour nice and early.

Setup was uneventful. We did pull the cloth off the top of the trees so that they could be washed. They really needed it. I don’t think they have been washed sense they were original made. After we were let got a few of my coworkers and I went down the street to a local bar and had drinks for Happy Hour. Then back on the bus and the train to the Hostel. I crashed hard and woke up early.

Today was play tourist day. After breakfast I walked down the street to the National Mall and started down it. It is a long walk. Made it all the way down to the Lincoln memorial and then back all they way to Congress. I took a shower and went out to get something to eat.

And that brings us up to date. More later.

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