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Star Wars VII What a ride!

Written By: Joe - Dec• 22•15

On Monday night I went to see Star Wars. I went to the Vista Theater ( A restored classic movie theater. I got there about an hour before and was able to buy tickets right away. They don’t have online sales. The line wasn’t to long so I stood in line for about 40 min. As we entered the theater they had a storm trooper there. I had a medium popcorn and coke and was presently surprised that they were in fact medium not huge like most modern theaters, and a reasonable price.

The inside of the theater was beautiful. With classic decor and nice large seats. The rows are so far apart from each other that I could sit there with my legs fully stretched out and there was still space for people to walk by.

The movie started with a classic Mr. MaGoo cartoon, “When MaGoo Flew” (1954). Then it started.

I am not going to rune your experience by telling you what happened or give any spoilers away, but I will say that I felt like I did in ’76 when I went to see the original. This was a fun romp through the galaxy. Lots of action, fun one liners, and some really hart wrenching parts to.

This was a great movie and I am planing on seeing it again.

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