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Does Math Exist and how do you teach it?

I was flipping through YouTube this afternoon when I came across a video by the PBS Idea Channel. “Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation?” As they state in the video, Math does not have a physical component. You can not see math. This video goes through the differences […]

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I’m feeling Creative!

Today I decided to do something I have been thinking about for years. I made a lamp out of an acetylene generator. Dad bought this thing some 40 years ago and I always thought it would make a cool street lamp. While I was at Home Depot I found a solar powered yard light. Better […]

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Opening night

Last night was the opening of the show in Denver. I don’t know what the numbers were but there were only 5 or 6 sets open in my area, and those are the last ones to be sold. With Corey being places as assistant house manager, I took over his place in seating the handicap […]

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