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The first week is done… Whew!

Written By: Joe - Jul• 22•13

The first week of a new town the head ushers try out some of the returning ushers to see if they would would work out as “Outside” usher. That is the usher who is in charge of the ticket takers and other duties outside. I was asked to tryout on Friday.
It started out with being given a radio. Once I had that leash of rank, I was told my other duties. I had to get the OK from all the other departments that they were ready to go and then let them know when I was opening to the doors. I was also responsible for controlling the PA announcements and monitoring the outside ushers.
Once or twice I had to step in to help the other outside ushers when things weren’t working correctly. When the inside house (the main big top) opened I was responsible for opening doors 1 to 4.
Once the show started the outside ushers go on break. When they were all back it was time for intermission.
After intermission I let the other outside ushers go home and took care of the rest of my duties, including filling the wash buckets getting wheel chairs to the right places, and other such things. After the show was over I had to close up the doors and get everything set up for the next day. I finished up just in time to join the other ushers for the end of day debriefing.
I got back to my room after a train and bike ride and fell right into bed and slept the entire night through.

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