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Written By: Joe - Jul• 14•13

Yesterday (July 13) I was planing to travel to Loveland to visit Rita, who was there for an event. Unfortunately when I was getting ready to go I could not find my car keys. I searched all over the suit. I then called the Addeco (the temp agency that hired me) and they could not find it. Unfortunately by the time I got there call back I had already ridden my bike to the train station. Because of maintenance I had to get off the train before my usual stop, so I biked the rest of the way. of course my keys were not there. I biked my way back to the station.
Somewhere I made a wrong turn and ended up riding about 20 blocks south along the river. I then cut back up and rode up the side streets to the station.
About 2 hours later I got back to the room I searched it again and found my keys in the safe place I left them. By that time it was getting late and dark but not because it was sunset.
It started to rain. A lot. It was so bad that there was an emergency flash flood warning.
This morning I went out and did some more shopping. All over the place were signs of the rain. Sand and rocks were all over the roads.
I amazed the stuff that I have to buy to live here.
Tomorrow I get to do laundry.

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