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Written By: Joe - Oct• 03•13

I haven’t posted in a while and I have some time so here I am. There is one word to describe Minneapolis, Slow. We started late in the setup. Usually we come in at 8 AM to start setting up the chairs but they delayed us to 1PM. We managed to get all the chairs setup before leaving at 6PM. I headed back to my room and crashed for the night. I spent the rest of the week getting organized and supplied. I spent some time wandering the mall. In fact I have spent a lot of time wandering the mall. Practically every day. That is where I am right now. at the coffee shop in Barns and Nobles in the Mall of America.
Ornamentation was the same as usual. A tour of the site with lots of “You can’t go here”, this time it included the cafeteria. That was a real bummer. It was then followed by “Here is what you have to do”. Not much different there. Corry has introduced to everyone as the Outside usher. That means he gets to wear a radio and do a lot more stuff. The rest of us followers were introduced to the new folk and they were assured that we know what we are doing. I am not so sure about that 🙂 The training ended with the normal fire drill.
After training I headed for the mall. The mall is a very big place. It is decided into 4 sections surrounding an amusement park. Half of it is three stores and the other half is four. Surprisingly, there are only two Starbucks, however there are 5 Caribou Coffee stores. Another surprise I found was the Merrell Shoes store. That is the kind of hiking shoe that I have been wearing for the last several years. My old shoes were getting warn so I stopped by and bough a new pair. It was nice to decided what style I wanted and then get them in the right size instead of finding the right size and then deciding if I liked the type. At about 6 I headed back to the site and got ready for the dress rehearsal that night. Unsurprisingly I was given the position of Door 3 Mast guard. That is arguable the most difficult potion with the possible exception of door seven wheel chair, depending on how many wheel chairs we have. The show went along without a hitch. This city they tried something new and kept everyone in the same potion for opening night as they were in for dress rehearsal. It was nice to have folks with some experience in place. The rest of the weekend went well if a bit slow. I don’t think we have broken 80% attendance yet this run. In fact yesterday was below 50%.
I had gotten a room at the Extended Stay America hotel until the beginning of October. I was able to find a room for rent on Minihaha parkway. It is a basement room in an really nice old duplex, and it came furnished. The house was built early 1900s and is very nice. The only downside is that the bed is a twin. but it is a very nice place and quite comfortable.
I have been spending the time after work hanging out with Cory, Breezy and Becca at bars in the area. There have been some really nice ones. some of the Cirquidors met at a English pub in downtown on Sunday night. That day was the 500 show so the cast and crew had there own party that night without us temps. I am kind of hoping we have a combined one this Sunday. We found a nice Bar/Pool hall/Bowling Alley in the fourth floor of the mall. May end up there Sunday after work. Only opened until midnight though.
Well, it is time to head to work, so more to come later.

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