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Well into Week Two.

Written By: Joe - Jun• 18•15

Here it is well into week two and I am finally updating.

Training went well. It was very much like Amaluna. The big difference is that there are a lot less ques but a lot more ushers. Doors 3 and 4 have a divided entrance. There are stairs going up to the 200 sections and a ramp running up the middle to get to the 100’s. The end result is 5 people working those doors. Unfortunately, we have had the usual flakes, the end result was that we were already running short on people the first weekend.

I worked inside the first week at doors 3 and 4. Because of the layout most of what I saw was the mast but the stuff I have seen is really good. The music is wonderful and I am really looking forward to getting to sit down and see it. This week they have been having my work outside. It has been a while and I miss the extra hour of pay each night. I am looking forward to going back inside next week.

I have found a “Home Base” of sorts. There are a bunch of appeasements at the Belmar shopping area. I park on the street there at about midnight and get up and drive off about 8. The Stealth Van is working well. It looks like someone has parked there and left it for the night. The Belmar has a 24 hour fitness club, and I use that for a workout and the showers.

Last week I found a place north of Denver call DIY Auto Repair Shops. They have 8 bays that you rent by the hour. 29.95/hr for DIY, 49.95/hr for help from and expert or 89.95/hr if they do all the work. So today I spent four hours replacing my spark plugs. Working on newer cars is a pain in the but. There is so much crap in the way. Fortunately, was able to do it in about four hours (it takes an expert about 3 1/2). Only two slight mishaps. I dropped a bolt and needed to get a magnet on a stick to get it back, and I disconnected a line I thought was vacuum but turned out to be coolant. Spilled a bit of it on the ground but they were cool about it and said they would clean it up when I was done. The old plugs didn’t look that bad but the issues I was having with the van hiccuping are gone, so I guess it was worth it.

Last week I also ordered a replacement head light and I have not heard from them that it has shown up. I will have to call them and find out what is going on. I am getting tired of driving with only one head light.

Well the Starbucks is going to close soon so I am going to sign off and head to my bed. Good night all!

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